A comprehensive course on expanding your team, to go from ‘solo creator’ to creative studio. 

The Art of Associates


Master your art.
Establish your brand.
Now it's time to Artfully Scale your team.

I see you — the creative with more deadlines than date nights. The business owner who hasn’t posted on social media in months. The creative who responds to client emails at 2am. You can't do it all... at least not anymore (psst — in case you need a reminder, that’s a good thing!)

The Art of Associates was created with business growth and personal freedom at top of mind. Based on my own experience building the Magdalena Studios photography team combined with the legal know-how behind The Artists’ Lawyer and helping other entrepreneurs grow, this course will guide you through implementing the systems needed to design, onboard, and oversee an impactful associate team so you can artfully scale.

Maybe if you're....
-A portrait photographer tired of photographing sessions almost every single night
- A wedding photographer turning away business because you don't have enough time 
- A wedding planner who wants to build a team of associates
- A graphic designer balancing an insane calendar and juggling to fit it all in
- Yet another entrepreneur neglecting your personal goals and health
- A videographer wanting to take some of the pressure off of your own plate
- A creative and solopreneur wishing you had someone who could do your thing too


Growing your business doesn't have to mean abandoning the 

You're known for.

Recognizable Brand

Style and Creativity

Special Touch

Reputation & Standards


You’re doing the work you once dreamed of — value-aligned opportunities, clients who respect your work, and a signature look that’s recognizable (and even replicated by those who admire you). 

But if we’re being honest, you’re having a hard time appreciating what you’ve achieved — you’re overwhelmed, backlogged, and starting to lose creative inspiration (if it’s not long gone already). 

You’ve thought about hiring, but your concern about sacrificing quality, losing your signature look, or not being able to put your artists’ touch on your clients’ assets has held you back from taking the next step in your business’ growth. 

You worked so hard to grow your business to this point; but no one prepared you for what comes after the years you’ve built establishing your reputation and systems. No one told you what to do when you think, “How do I continue to grow without taking on more bookings?

Ready to expand your bottom line while creating space for the things you love once again? 

"She is an open book and gives you an honest look into her business."

"Magi gave me the confidence and tools needed to develop an action plan towards achieving my goal to create a thriving associate program. She is an open book and really gives you an honest look into her business practices. I appreciate her authenticity and the strong systems she's worked so hard to develop and share with those who invest in education with her!"



Based on my personal experience building an associate team (and incorporating insights and knowledge from industry research), this sketchbook uncovers the business foundations, workflows, and methods I spent over a decade refining. Through trial and error, and a lot of intentional action, I was able to efficiently transform the Magdalena Studios team into a self-running associate program. Now, I’m teaching you how to do the same.

While The Art of Associates was built for and modeled after a photography studio, it’s applicable to all creatives who aspire to transform their solo venture into an associate program with other creatives working under your brand. 

Planners, videographers, graphic designers, or anyone between and beyond, this is your invitation to get inspired about your business’ growth again.


The recipes, workflows and systems in this never-before unearthed course will guide you through how to expand and hire, position and market, and systematically run your associate program, so you’re no longer a one-man (or woman) show.

Turn your entrepreneurial sole-creator business into an expansive, sustainable, community-oriented team of associates. 



The course you need to go from burnt-out service provider, to balanced and up-to-big-things business owner. Create, onboard, and manage a talented and trustworthy associate team without wasting time on trial and error. I've done the heavy lifting for you, transforming Magdalena Studios' fail-safe processes into an easy-to-implement and efficient associate program roadmap.


Here’s what you’ll uncover in THE

One of a kind, move at your own pace course:

Module One

Introduction & Philosophy

Unearth your potential for growth and explore different methods of building your associate program and expanding your team. In this course intro, you'll get an overview of the strategies and techniques that will help you streamline your hiring process, cultivate a strong team culture, and maximize your team's productivity.

Module two

Business Foundations

Dive into business structures, legal best practices, and profit + loss margins to set your team up for success. With our comprehensive business management resources, you’ll be well equipped to navigate potential challenges, implement effective workflows, and support your expanding team.

Module three

Team Foundations

Educate yourself on the basics of leading a successful associate team — training, team manuals, payment, team accessibility/information, and more. By uncovering the fundamental pillars of team leadership, you’ll be able to better support your associate team in achieving their goals.

Module four

Workflows & Systems

Establish workflows around reviews and testimonials, scheduling and assigning projects to team members, communicating with clients, and more. Effective workflows don’t only result in strong relationships with clientele — they lead to improved productivity among your associate team while encouraging business growth.

Module five

Marketing & Positioning

Develop your marketing messaging and uncover Magi’s sales secrets to start onboarding new clients. Mastering these branding and sales techniques can help you attract potential leads while distinguishing your unique offerings from your competitors.

Module Six

Outsourcing and Support

Explore the responsibilities successful business owners know how to outsource, and develop a roadmap for integrating support staff. By offloading and delegating, you’ll be better prepared to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and drive your associate team towards sustained growth.

Module Seven

Future Growth

Discover your future growth potential by exploring additional services and offerings. The growth doesn’t stop when the The Art of Associates is complete — further solutions await, unlocking your potential for expansion, increasing your revenue, and maximizing the impact of your client work. 

Entrepreneurs whose “do it yourself” phase of business is coming to an end. Photographers and creatives who want to — 

  • Stop turning away leads
  • Cultivate their bottom line 
  • Gain freedom
  • Expand their reach (more work = more clients, a bigger portfolio, and more referrals)
  • Grow without feeling like they’re losing control of their business or negatively impacting their reputation

Who is The ART OF ASSOCIATES for? 

Ready to rekindle a passion for your trade, increase your revenue, and take back your time?


How It works

Explore 12+ hours of module content

Course modules are comprehensive and detailed, composed of behind the scenes screenshares of the exact processes we've built over the years. 

Access and implement resources

Email templates, workflows, sample SOPs, and team training guides are a few of the additional resources provided in the library.

Build your team with  community

Share your progress among course participants and ask questions in our private Facebook group with answers and insights from Magi and her team. 

What's Included:

SEven modules, 12+ hours of Video content

Course library featuring workflows, templates, and guides

Systems and software recommendations, with discount codes

Access to private Facebook community

Exclusive discounts on The Artists’ Lawyer contracts

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

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Meet your instructor

HI, I'm Magi —

Entrepreneur, lawyer, photographer, and founder of The Artists’ Lawyer & Magdalena Studios

From capturing couples in faraway locations, to sharing expert advice with like-minded creatives, I'm devoted to cultivating purpose and presence in all of my endeavors. 

Though I’ve spent most of my career using the titles of lawyer and wedding photographer, I founded Magdalena Studios in 2013, a team of photographers known for capturing authentic, heart-stirring images while making our subjects feel beautiful and effortlessly at ease in front of the camera. Over the past few years, I’ve grown our associate lineup to the team of a dozen talented photographers and staff that it is today.

As the Founder and Creative Director of Magdalena Studios, I oversee each project and team member to ensure our studio continues to provide the exceptional level of service our clients deserve. Now, I’m sharing my behind the scenes process that allowed me to build a team of creative storytellers known for delivering soulful images that help our clients remember, see, and feel how beautiful they are for a moment in time.

Learn more

When it comes to growing a team, I know a thing or two about doing so successfully. 

And as an entrepreneurial team in the creative industry, I've been asked countless questions on our systems + processes by our community. These are a few of the things we uncover throughout the program:

How do you find associates you trust, how do you train them, and how do you “sell” them to your leads? Where do I even begin?

01. how do you start?

Are associates considered employees, or can they be classified as independent contractors? How do I pay them?

02. What about the legal aspects?

How do you assign projects to your team? Do you have a hierarchy? How do you make sure everyone is on the same schedule?

03. what does team organization look like?

How do you price your team for profitability? What other expenses am I not considering?

04. how do you make it worthwhile?

This is for you if:

You’re turning away more leads than you are onboarding new clients because you’re out of bandwidth.

You’re neglecting the needs of your own business to complete client work, and you’re ready to step into the role of business owner. 

You’re burned out, backlogged, and starting to resent the creative projects you once loved. 

You’re afraid of abandoning your comfort zone while adopting new workflows and processes within your business.

You’re unwilling to invest time and effort in business infrastructure up front, fearing that it won’t pay off. 

It's probably not for you if...

You’re convinced you are the only one who can complete your work and run your business successfully. 

You’re looking for a path forward in your business that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your standards.

You're resistant to change, unwilling to adapt your business to a shifting market and client needs.

"Working with Magi was the best decision I've made this year."

"I scheduled a 1-1 coaching call with Magi to gain more insight into how she runs Magdalena Studios and utilizes her associates. Before chatting with Magi I wasn't having any success with booking clients with my associate program. Within three weeks of my call with Magi I was able to book my first associate team member wedding . Magi was giving with her time and resources and put forth a tangle action plan for me that I was able to execute with success. Working with Magi was the best decision I've made this year."


"Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is worth every penny."

Speaking with Magi brought me so much clarity and gave me a direction in which to move forward. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise was worth every penny and I encourage anyone looking to level up their business to consider her for coaching. She was so generous with her numbers, systems and strategies to ensure that I had everything I needed to succeed. I couldn't recommend her more!


"I know I will walk away with tangible goals and ideas to implement."

"Having Magi as a friend and guide in business has been a priceless resource for me. She is generous with her knowledge and has a genuine gift in helping others grow the business of their dreams. Each time I sit down with Magi I know I will walk away with tangible goals and ideas to implement into my business."


"Magi is a FOUNTAIN full of knowledge!"

"She's 1,000 steps down the road from where I'm at and I feel so grateful to have found someone willing to share all their systems for success! She's inspired me to think bigger and PLAN for it by doing the hard work to setup all the systems now that will get me there!"

— Lindsay

"She is an open book and gives you an honest look at her business practices."

"Magi gave me the confidence and tools needed to develop an action plan towards achieving my goal to create a thriving associate program. She is an open book and really gives you an honest look into her business practices. I appreciate her authenticity and the strong systems she's worked so hard to develop and share with those who invest in education with her!"


Are you ready to build your associate team?

Look no further if you're ready to:

stop turning away clients


3x your bottom line


feel inspired again

Enroll NOw

"Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much." 


By the end of this course, you will...

Uncover the abilities and knowledge needed to design, onboard, and manage a high-performing associate team.

Gain a solid understanding of the foundations required to support and protect your business.

Create and implement efficient workflows, streamlining your operations and cultivating a positive work environment for your team. 

Be an expert in proven sales and marketing strategies, helping you attract and retain clients while increasing revenue.

Develop the ability to identify areas of growth and improvement within your business.

Find advice, collaboration, and inspiration among a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

This program includes everything YOU NEED to

build a high performing team that expands your reach while giving you your life back.  

From recruiting top talent and designing effective onboarding processes, to implementing efficient workflows and nurturing a positive team culture, The Art of Associate Teams gives you the tools needed to build a self-sufficient team that runs your business like it's their own. Our one of a kind systems and processes were designed to give you the freedom to step back from day-to-day operations and start living your life again. Join our open enrollment, move at your own pace course today and unlock the secrets for building a high-performing team that can scale your business while giving you your life back. 

The Art of Associates is exclusive because…  

It’s the only course of its kind.

What sets the Art of Associate Teams apart is its comprehensive approach, combining my practical knowledge of building the Magdalena Studios photography team with my legal expertise from The Artists' Lawyer. The course’s use of real-world experience, legal education, and proven strategies help deliver an unmatched curriculum tailored to the specific challenges of the creative who has outgrown their solopreneur phase, and needs a team to take their business to the next level. My step-by-step roadmap will help you create, onboard, and oversee a trusted associate program that drives business growth and supports your personal freedom.

And it allows you to grow a team without compromising your reputation and maintaining a high end brand.

A core focus of the Art of Associate Teams is preserving the integrity of your brand as you expand your team. I'll teach you to carefully select and train associates who align with your professional values and consistently deliver high-quality work. By ensuring your brand's ethos and standards influence the decisions you and your team make, your reputation will remain uncompromised, even as your business grows.

Still on the fence?

I know this course is an investment, which is why I’m here to answer any course content or logistic questions you may have. 

email me

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the course? Do I have unlimited access?

Once purchased, you have lifetime access to all course materials and any additions and updates we make along the way.

How does the course program work and how long does it take to complete? 

You can complete the course at your own pace, at home, however you'd like! Jump around and take what you need, as you need it or sit down and learn all at once. You can also always re-visit if you need a refresher, as you have lifetime access! 

What type of materials are included with the course?

In addition to the recorded course modules, you'll receive workflows, email templates, team training guides, sample SOPs, exclusive discount codes on associate contract templates through The Artists' Lawyer, and more!

Why are you teaching and offering a course on building associate teams?

This course is the pinnacle of my experience as both the owner and founder of a large wedding photography studio (Magdalena Studios) which houses a multitude of associate photographers and sustains around one hundred weddings a year - combined with my experience and expertise as a lawyer and educator for small business owners. I often 1-1 coach individuals on associate programs and have found over the years there is SO much opportunity, so many questions, and no where to find answers. After years of 1-1 coaching and building on my own, I decided to finally put together this extremely comprehensive course.

What if I have additional questions and want more assistance?

My guess is that you won't need it, as this course leaves no stone untouched or unturned in the world of building an associate program. However, if you want more 1-1 assistance, I still take a limited number of coaching calls each month.

The secret’s out.

With intentionally designed team foundations, system workflows, and brand positioning, you can not only clone yourself, but actually make your brand stronger and more sustainable with diverse skillets, personalities, and perspectives. 

With the right tools and knowledge, you can build a team you’re proud of. 

Isn’t this every entrepreneur’s dream?