Husband & wife artists, delivering a consistent and dynamic approach.

Magi & Scott Fisher

We find deep joy and purpose in crafting heirloom-quality work that exudes style, approachability, and ease. Together, the fusion of Magi’s meticulous attention to detail and professional background in law coupled with Scott’s meditative, calm, and surf-inspired approach forms a unique dynamic dedicated to providing a discreet, high-end experience for our esteemed clientele. Together, our partnership and individual expertises’ strike a balance between polished professionalism and laid back candidness.

As photographers and artists, our commitment extends beyond merely making our clients and their guests feel comfortable in front of the camera; it encompasses a focus on delivering artistic, nostalgic images that draw vivid memories, rooted in an experience that feels like a long-lost friendship. Scott’s focus on capturing the smiles of cocktail hours complements Magi’s infatuation with the quiet details and iconic scenes — a synchronicity that allows a seamless, consistent experience each endeavor.

As a couple, we share a devotion to candid connection grounded in unequivocal empathy. Our shared passion for life itself reflects in both our work and our leisure. In the off-season, you’ll find us spending months in Costa Rica with our daughter, Scottie, and on our days off at home, you can catch us riding bikes and checking the waves. 


"It's often hard to find a photographer who is both a polished professional and a true creative, but you get both with Magi Fisher. Her process is seamless, demeanor is flawless, and her photos are breathtaking. Simply put, we would have Magi capture our work at every wedding if we could."

Our Sustainable Mission


Our universal pledge is to be intentional — both with our couples and behind the scenes as small business owners. As the leaders of a collective of brands, we are proud to partner with One Percent For The Planet; an impact-driven organization that holds companies accountable for giving back one percent of profits to sustainable and environmentally-conscious philanthropies.

Our dedication to sustainability serves as a guiding force in our day-to-day work and decision-making , shaping the principles we adhere to when engaging with both clients and creative partners. We hold deep respect for those who share our love for the planet and opt to invest with intention. We believe that even the most intimately, personal decisions made can be aligned with the impact of purposeful pursuit.