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A couple with multiple passions & one shared mission

Destination wedding photographer & creative counsel for worldly romancers and kindred spirits

From capturing couples in faraway locations to sharing expert advice with like-minded creatives, wedding photographer and lawyer — Magi Fisher, is a devoted artist cultivating purpose and presence in her every endeavor. 

Her photography encompasses a refreshing approach to storytelling that seamlessly blends sophisticated undertones and effortless luxury. The result is a delicate balance of candid and intentional imagery filled with unmistakable luminosity. 

Away from her lenses Magi is a seasoned business coach and motivating spokeswoman sharing business advice and behind-the-scenes revelations. 

Her commitment to uplifting others both professionally and personally can be seen in the underlying purpose of the brands she has built together with her husband — Scott — as well as in the couple’s everyday beliefs. A passionate entrepreneur, reverist, and all-round go-getter, Magi is an influential creative who seeks to inspire both at work and at play. 

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A husband & wife team, simultaneously delivering beauty and balance.

Our philosophy is simple.
We want your photographs to hold the same significance as the moment they were made.

Recollecting your story starts with images that evoke happy memories, and happy memories happen when you look and feel your best. Working in tandem to weave the fashioned and the fancy with the carefree and the candid, we’re devoted to providing a personalized experience that puts you at the heart of everything we do. 

On wedding days our approach is collaborative and while we work together to capture every element in the distinct style we’re known for, our partnership offers both feminine and masculine perspectives. Drawing on our encounters as a couple, we seek to make you feel comfortable and confident — our own personal unity gently easing you into posing for pictures. 

Behind the scenes our relationship strengthens our roots, teaming up as founders of our family of brands. Scott’s aptitude for creativity as well as his relaxed outlook were exactly what our growing empire required and as partners in all things love and life, we share a genuine passion for the work we do.  

It began as two married people photographing people getting married. Today our businesses are built to foster our personal strengths as individuals while flourishing and thriving as one in our daily lives.


Connected Brands, Distinct Purposes.

What began as photographing weddings promptly evolved when power couple — Magi & Scott — teamed up to intertwine their lust for life and business innovation. Channeling the same intentional and imaginative approach to everyday living, the couple own and operate multiple creative companies — as well as influential insights and future endeavors designed to inspire and uplift.  Whether you’re a wedding planner, bride, photographer, or creative professional, the Fisher's family of brands gives your adventurous soul a courageous and purposeful voice. Each brand beneath the couple’s entrepreneurial umbrella provides an experience that is personalized and meaningful, yet connected via the core intention to give expression to your one-of-a-kind story. Uncover your deeper purpose, tell your own tale, or channel your inner entrepreneur with any one of Magi & Scott’s bespoke services.   


Detailed templates and tools designed to keep creatives creating! Shop for specific, easy-to-use contracts and foundational documents that protect you and your clients.



Offering the same signature aesthetic as Magi herself,  Magdalena Studios is an associate team of photographers serving clients under Magi's creative direction and guidance.



Bringing a touch of fun and frivolity to social and corporate events, That Rad Booth offers a variety of modern yet stylish additions for any soirée.


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Legal support for the modern visionary. Magi's virtual law firm takes on a limited number of clientele and specializes in contracts and trademarks for high achieving artists.


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Our Sustainable Mission


Our universal pledge is to be intentional — both with our couples and behind the scenes as small business owners. As a collective, we are proud to partner with One Percent For The Planet; an impact-driven organization that holds companies accountable for giving back one percent of profits to sustainable and environmentally-conscious philanthropies. 

Additionally, our sustainable mission guides us to follow “leave no trace” principles when working with clients. We carry biodegradable trash bags, and endeavor to ensure other services (like our sustainable fully-digital photo booth) encompass our mission, morals, and ethics in all our everyday work. Learn more.

1-1 Coaching, Workshops & Speaking


Unafraid to share her own experience in the hope of helping others and drawing on her professional background, Magi speaks with candid ease about business strategy and entrepreneurship. Bringing her unmistakable laid-back yet cheerfully infectious attitude to the stage or airwaves — Magi is effortlessly charismatic and leaves students and listeners longing to learn more.