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Exceptional Photography for The Effortlessly Cool.

- Camille & Mark

"There is a personal touch with Magi that I think is rarity to find in any person. We left the afternoon with her all smiles, and felt like we gained a friend in the process. Simply put, she was the best wedding decision we could have ever made." 


"There’s expectation and reality, and then there’s what they produced. It was truly incredible how perfect the photos are. It looked like we were in promo shots of a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie."

- rachel & Marc

 "Every photo was breathtaking and told the story of our wedding, from start to finish, flawlessly! We are still in awe of their magical work, it truly is an art and we are so grateful we have these perfect, treasured photos for the rest of our lives."

We consider it an honor to shine our spotlight on love stories in dream destinations, but our mission doesn't end there. We're committed to preserving not only the moments we capture, but also the planet we share. By investing with intention, you too can join our purposeful pursuit.