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Engage in transformative one-on-one coaching with Magi, the visionary behind the successful brands Magi Fisher, Magdalena Studios, and The Artists' Lawyer. Every branch of her business is different, but not at the cost of alignment. Leveraging her diverse expertise and experience, Magi offers personalized business counsel tailored to creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Whether you're dreaming of expanding your team, in need of straightforward feedback, developing your business strategy, or ready to build an empire, Magi forms a plan to help you accomplish your objectives.

Sessions can be tailored to fit your schedule and goals, ranging from single consultations to ongoing support spanning several months. These can occur virtually or in-person at Magi's Ocean City, New Jersey studio, with the option to add on a brand portraiture session. For more information, please complete the application below. 

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One-on-One Coaching

- Erin, owner of Grace & Ardor

"Magi gave me the confidence and tools needed to develop an action plan towards achieving my goal to create a thriving associate photography program. She is an open book and gives you an honest look into her business practices. I appreciate her authenticity and the strong systems she's worked so hard to develop and share with those who invest in a one-on-one coaching call with her.”

- avery, owner of avery earl photography

“Having Magi as a guide in business has been a priceless resource for me. She is generous with her knowledge and has a genuine gift in helping others grow the business of their dreams. Each time I sit down with Magi, I know I will walk away with tangible goals and ideas to implement into my business."

- Astrid, owner of astrid photography

"Speaking with Magi brought me so much clarity and gave me a direction in which to move forward. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise was worth every penny, and I encourage anyone looking to level up their business to consider her for coaching. She was so generous with her numbers, systems, and strategies, ensuring that I had everything I needed to succeed.”

- Lindsey, owner of lindsey kay photography

“Magi is a fountain full of knowledge! She's 1,000 steps down the road from where I'm at, and I feel so grateful to have found someone willing to share all their systems for success. She's inspired me to think bigger and plan for it by doing the hard work to set up all the systems now that will get me there.”

- Ethan, owner of chase & fellow

“Magi not only provided a wealth of unique perspectives and value as it relates to how I promote and position my company, but she also reminded me what to prioritize. That sort of coaching and outside perspective that brings ideas to the table and helps you focus on what's most important is invaluable. It's priceless. She's the real deal.”

When Magi began her first business, she quickly discovered that legal resources lacked the necessary in-depth understanding of creative professions. After completing law school, Magi decided to meld her artistic and entrepreneurial spirit with her formal training, creating a company dedicated to empowering and educating like-minded business owners. 

The Artists’ Lawyer — an online shop filled with tools, templates, and contracts that aid creative business owners — is a combined result of Magi’s career as a photographer, an entrepreneur, and an attorney. Established with the mission of providing honest and essential guidance for founders, The Artists’ Lawyer is the business resource the creative industry was missing. 

Legal resources

The Artists’ Lawyer

Unafraid to openly share her knowledge in the pursuit of helping others, Magi speaks with candor about business strategy and entrepreneurship. Her unmistakably laid-back yet cheerfully infectious attitude inspires audiences to delve deeper. Whether attending a live presentation or tuning into a podcast recording, listeners depart feeling energized and equipped with practical and proven next steps.

Able to dive into niche, specialized topics like copyright licensing, NDAs, and trademarks, as well as cover more general discussions such as Business 101, growing your team, and common entrepreneurial pitfalls, Magi has presented before some of the industry's most prominent companies.

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