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The Art of Associates

The Art of Associates is an online course created with business growth and personal freedom at top of mind. Based on my own experience building our Magdalena Studios photography team combined with the legal know-how behind The Artists’ Lawyer and helping other entrepreneurs grow, this course will guide you through implementing the systems needed to design, onboard, and oversee an impactful associate team. 

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a Course by magi fisher X the artists' lawyer

online or in-person

1-1 Coaching

Pull up a chair for a private audience with the fearless founder of the Magi Fisher family of brands. Offering a limited number of intimate coaching and counseling sessions, Magi provides business advice for budding entrepreneurs and legal lowdown for artists. 

Whether you’re interested in learning how to grow your team, in need of a portfolio critique, or seeking business strategy and direction, Magi can create a customized plan for your one-to-one guidance. Personalized sessions can vary from one-off power hours to more in-depth focused meetings that stretch out over several months depending on your goals and aspirations. 

Inquire directly for more information, or fill out the application to get started right away.
Virtual and in-person options available with the opportunity to add studio portraiture.



In-Person Workshops

Join Magi in her studio space in Ocean City, New Jersey for brand portraiture coupled with an educational session (and stylized editorial add-on option for photographers) for a completely customized, personal private 1-1 workshop. Take your business to the next level in one transformative, inspirational, action-packed day to accomplish all of your business goals in an efficient yet flawlessly on-brand private workshop.


Education that empowers, counsel that calms

Setting up shop is stressful enough without the overwhelming business obligations that can be hard to make sense of. What’s more, running a business without a firm foundation often leads to unnecessary insecurity and business impediments. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of focus and flow when it comes to your creative energy. I also know how it feels as a professional to be confident in the core of your enterprise with each interaction.

Strengthen the bedrock of your business with tools designed to protect you and your clients in just a few simple steps by visiting The Artists' Lawyer - a business destination with free resources and a shop full of tools and templates designed to support you in your professional endeavors so you can focus on your craft and your clients.

The Artists’ Lawyer

When Magi began pursuing her call to be creative in 2010, starting out on your own was complicated. In developing her wedding photography business, she learned how founders like herself were bereft of start-up education. As an attorney turned artist, Magi decided to combine her creative and entrepreneurial heart with a company focused on empowering and educating like-minded business owners. 

The Artists’ Lawyer — an online shop filled with tools, templates, and free resources to aid others in their business journey — is a combined result of Magi’s career in law and photography. Devised to provide honest and essential guidance for fearless founders, The Artists’ Lawyer is the online law shop the creative industry was missing. 

coaching AND 1-1 services

Meet with Magi for legitimate guidance that supports artistic expression. With over ten years experience in the creative and legal fields combined, Magi provides holistic counsel and bespoke direction for spirited founders. Due to her meticulous approach, a limited number of personalized consultations are available. 



Straight-forward yet personalized contract templates and tools for small business owners — crafted by an attorney turned artist — so that you can nurture your creativity, align with your clients, and pursue your dreams without the overwhelming aspects of entrepreneurship holding you back. 




Featured Resources from The Artists' Lawyer


Joining you for your…

Podcasts & Presentations

Unafraid to share her own experience in the hope of helping others, Magi speaks with candid ease about business strategy and entrepreneurship. Bringing her unmistakable laid-back yet cheerfully infectious attitude to the stage or airwaves, Magi is effortlessly charismatic and leaves listeners longing to learn more.



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Sony's Invite-Only KANDO Event 2023

Business Class Presentation

Protecting Your Intellectual Property As A Creator

ILEA Philadelphia, April 2022

Keynote Speaker

WIPA Colorado, June 2021

Keynote Speaker

The Hybrid Collective, 2021 & 2023

Master Class Speaker

Magi has been featured on numerous podcasts and publications through her online resource for creative entrepreneurs (The Artists' Lawyer) and is always interested in sharing through presentations and speaking engagements for colleagues and fellow creatives. For more information on speaking experience, topics, and availability for your event, please contact Magi directly through the link below. 


Collaborations + Partnerships

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