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Meet your new all-inclusive, iron-clad, wedding day contract. This template is designed for top-tier wedding photographers and is completely comprehensive – updated to include provisions for COVID-19. Whether you’re hometown-based or a destination photographer, there are no additional clauses or addendums needed, and it is easily modifiable to fit each state with highlighted areas for quick changes! After months of research, I can confidently say this is the most protective contract on the market for photographers.

This digital download comes as a PDF with a link to your customizable Google doc along with instructions on how to use and implement it.

Wedding Photographer Contract 

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- Late Fees
- Travel Fees
- Style Provision 
- Defects Notification 
- Cooperation
- Client Communication 

- Limitations Due to Vendor / Church Rules
- Meals
- Final Product
- Sickness and Emergency Coverage
- Force Majeure 
- Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

- Travel Warranty
- Right of Withdrawal
- Harassment and Safety 
- Weather
- Location Access and Permits
- And much more!

What's included

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